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We use “cookies” to facilitate the browsing on the internet website. Cookies are small strings of text stored on your computer or in your browser to allow rapid identification of the same and to personalize your experience. Cookies do not allow to trace your identity and, therefore, do not tell us who you are.

About cookies

During the browsing on our website information that can identify your computer or browser through files called "cookies" can be collected. Cookies are encrypted strings of text that are stored by a website on your computer in order to allow subsequent rapid identification and/or access to information already stored. These files also allow you to customize a website, to provide you with easier browsing and, through a numeric control of the various web pages, a better presentation of the most requested information. For example, the adaptation of the content of the website to your particular interests - as documented by your browsing - depends on cookies. Moreover, cookies may be used to store your login data and therefore allow your automatic identification (avoiding the procedure of entering the user name and password).

Cookies allows you to benefit of our improved services thanks to the analysis of statistical data about website access and use; this data allows us to improve the services and usability.

Here's brief description of the different kinds of cookies and how they are used.

Session cookies

Session cookies These cookies are essential to assure that a website works properly and to allow you to move around in it. They are used to identify visitors so as to be able to provide them with a consistent and accurate service. In fact, session cookies make it possible to identify the country from which a connection to a website is made and automatically direct the user to the version of that website intended for that country. They also enable users to set up accounts, log in and manage orders and, lastly, make it possible to recognize registered users and automatically give them access to the services dedicated to them.

Performance cookies

These cookies are used to process statistical analyses on how you use the Website and they gather information about the pages you visit, the device you use to browse the Website, the number of times you click on a given page and your geographical location. P.A.R.O.S.H. process these data in anonymous and aggregate format for statistical purposes. Performance cookies can also track the Website’s users on behalf of our partners and are used by the latter only to find out whether a user coming from another website purchases a product or service in the Website.

Functional cookies

These cookies may be generated by the Website or its partners and their duration is limited to one session or prolonged for multiple sessions. Functional cookies are usually and mostly activated if you make an explicit request (for example, if you click on the “Recognise me in the future” tab or activate the live-chat function), but they can also be implemented during the provision of a service that you have not explicitly requested but is offered to you. They can also be used to avoid you being repeatedly offered a service that you refused in the past. These cookies also enable the Website to remember function selections you have made (for example, your user name, language, home country, etc.), thereby avoiding you having to input all that information again each time you visit the Website. The information gathered by functional cookies is anonymous and cannot track your behaviour in other websites.

Third-party cookies used for marketing/retargeting

These cookies are used by P.A.R.O.S.H.’s partners in order to display advertising banners for the products you viewed most recently in the Website on your screen while you are browsing other websites. When you are browsing the Website these cookies can also be used to show you products that you may find interesting because they are similar to or complement those you have looked at previously, based on your browsing history. The use of these cookies does not imply any processing of personal data, but can enable connection to your computer or other devices and track saved data: these cookies connect to the browser installed in your computer or in other devices you use to browse the Website.

How can I delete cookies?

You can delete cookies on your browser right now.
Below you can find the link to popularr's browsers support pages which will support you in deleting cookies from your computer.

Delete Cookies

Delete Cookies

Delete Cookies

Delete Cookies

If your browser is not here, please write to Our customer service will support you.

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